Klaus Mueller

1972 Born in Melk on river Danube (Austria)

Highschool (Latin&Greek) at Benedictine Monastery of Melk

1991 Graduation

1991-92 Military service

Assistance on diverse Restauration Projects

Study and Perfection of the original Fresco-Technique

1992 Study of History of Art

1993 Entrance to the masterclass of Professor Arik Brauer at the Academy of fine Arts of Vienna

1995 annual Award of the Masterclass

1996 Execution of a Mural in Fresco-Technique

1997 Diploma with Distinction

Lives and works in Vienna and Melk

Diverse Exhibitions since 1994

„Self-Portrait“ – 2000

In the past, Klaus Müller was involved with the execution of works of his own as well as commissions in diverse artistic techniques (Focus on Portraits)

Aside illustrations of CD-covers, murals , drawings and prints, Klaus Müller has also worked for a Filmproduction.

His Interests lay also on historic painting-medias and techniques and the restoration of paintings and other works of art in cooperation with restorers.